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SPHINX – Pulley

SPHINX – Pulley

A super-compact, ultralight pulley with fixed side plates. The Sphinx is very easy to handle and convenient to carry on a harness while ski touring or mountaineering. The attachment hole is large enough to allow full rotation of a standard locking carabiner. Self-lubricated brass bushings are perfect for light applications at low speed. Unlike other pulleys with fixed side plates, the Sphinx allows for a prusik knot to be installed on one side (aramid cord suggested) making it an ideal pulley for rigging a haul system on route or managing crevasse rescues.
• Fixed side plates
• Self-lubricated brass bushings with 80% efficiency
• Super-compact aluminum alloy body and sheave, stainless steel axle
• Prusik-minding
• For ropes up to 13 mm

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