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Product Description

• The most advanced technical alpine crampons ever conceived
• Patented heel slide design integrates the benefits of vertical and horizontal frame crampons
• Snow points are optimized for hard snow and alpine ice
• Asymmetric design follows the contours of modern boots to ensure a precise fit
• Universal bindings allow for a secure fit with most of mountaineering boots
• Dynamic anti-balling plates included
• Micro-adjustable linking bar for fine-tuning the length
• Adjustable fold-over carrying case with lashing straps included

Universal binding version of the new Alpinist crampons. Universal bindings allow for a secure fit with most of mountaineering boots and are particularly useful when using overboots. The new Alpinist has been designed as the ultimate tool for alpine climbers: using much of the same technology and innovative design as the Blade Runner, the Alpinist ensures a precise fit with modern boots and extra rigidity in the connection between the heel and toe platforms. This is due to the unique heel slide that integrates the micro-adjustable linking bar with the heel piece for better torsional rigidity. Constructed entirely from chromoly steel for the best energy absorption anywhere the crampons might be stressed. The elimination of connection joints leaves little room for play and reduces much of the flex that can make crampons seem less secure on technical terrain. The sophisticated geometry of the front points interacts with the secondary points for superior hold in hard snow and alpine ice. Dynamic anti-balling plates use a unique design and elastic material to prevent snow build-up underfoot.

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