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The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is the perfect way to create a thrilling or skills-building adventure – all you need is a tree, pole, or column to create a fun challenge for climbers of all ages and abilities.
It’s designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments and is sturdy enough to support climbers and their gear while also being gentle on trees. Its modular design makes it simple to change the location, placement, routes, or handhold difficulty, which lets you easily update routes and keep climbers coming back for more.
Arboreal Benefits :
Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility –
Set routes like you would in a climbing gym with Arboreal. You design the climbing route to make it a fun climb for kids or a challenging route for adults. Change the distance between straps and the numbers of holds on each strap to vary the difficulty level of your climb.

Easy Installation –
The system is composed of three basic components: straps to fasten around the tree, base plates that fit anywhere on the strap, and handholds of varying shapes that easily attach to the base plates. It is easy to install on your tree, pole, or column, and once installed, it is easy to change the handholds to alter the climbing experience.

Prepackaged Sets for Easy Ordering –
The Arboreal System is typically sold in predefined sets for easy ordering. Each set is calculated based on the height and diameter of the tree and includes a certain quantity of base plates, straps and holds (though they may also be sold in bulk or a la carte, if you want to design your own tree climbing adventure).

Create a Complete Adventure –
Create a complete adventure in the trees with complimentary Head Rush products. Add a TRUBLUE Auto Belay for higher climbs, and add a platform with a QUICKjump Free Fall device for a thrilling descent. It’s climbing and free falling fun all in a small footprint.

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