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The LightSpeed Impact Zip Line Trolley was designed specifically for zip lines and is engineered with impact braking in mind. It’s the most versatile trolley because it can be used on small and large diameter lines, and it comes with multiple accessory options to create the best rider experience and higher throughput.
Impact Zip Line Trolley Benefits :
Forward Design –
Our forward design controls the rider’s forward momentum for smooth braking and a better rider experience. Most trolleys drag their back end on the cable during braking, but our forward design prevents this to prevent excess wear on your line.
Designed for Impact Braking –
The Impact Trolley is designed for impact braking with a durable front impact surface and a forward design. These features extend the life of the trolley while also reducing wear on your zip line gear.
Versatile –
This versatile trolley works on large or small diameter lines. The optional t-handle accessory improves rider comfort and helps them to stay facing forward, and a hook accessory enables easy rider retrieval.
Made to Last –
Built with anodized aluminum to withstand impact braking and maximize your ROI.
Fastest Compact Trolley –
Premium bearings make these the fastest compact trolleys on the market, rated for speeds up to 75 mph. The premium bearings will last longer, increasing your ROI.

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