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JANUS – Pulley

The Janus is a high-strength, multifunctional double pulley with large sheaves that has been optimized for complex haulsystems and rescue operations. It features a main attachment hole that accommodates three carabiners, two secondaryholes on the sides for positioning and a…

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SPHINX – Pulley

A super-compact, ultralight pulley with fixed side plates. The Sphinx is very easy to handle and convenient to carry on a harness while ski touring or mountaineering. The attachment hole is large enough to allow full rotation of a standard…

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Axion – Glove

Premium grade leather gloves designed for maximum durability and dexterity with work on ropes. The palm features two layers of leather with aramid stitching. Elastic inserts on the back optimize flexibility. Soft rubber padding on the knuckles for protection from…

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